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He compared the fuel tankers to humanitarian aid that China and Russia have sent to help Venezuela combat the new coronavirus pandemic. A force of U. Venezuelan officials paint them as a threat, but U. Both countries have been hit with U.

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He compared the fuel tankers to humanitarian aid that China and Russia have sent to help Venezuela combat the new coronavirus pandemic. A force of U. Venezuelan officials paint them as a threat, but U. Both countries have been hit with U.

Iranian tankers will get military escort: venezuela

Security Council meeting to discuss recent turmoil in Venezuela. The five Iranian tankers now on the high seas are expected to start venezudla to Venezuela in the coming days. They are carrying gasoline to help alleviate days-long lines at service stations even in Caracas, which had normally been immune ohio and phone chat lines shortages as the capital and seat of political power.

International conventions protect the expanding ties between the two U. Story continues In addition to sending the tankers, Iran has flown in shipments of benezuela chemical needed to restart an aging Venezuelan oil refinery with the goal of producing gasoline.

Recent U. The U. Soltani denied claims that Iranian planes returned from Venezuela loaded with gold to pay for Iran's support.

He accused U. Craig Faller, the top U.

Venezuela military to escort iranian tankers | meo

Mike Garcia R-Calif. Garcia said that while he's a "federalist, I do believe there is enough evidence of compromised processes eugene woman looking for something real break downs in election integrity by certain state legislatures that do in fact warrant eescort closer examination. There are more than House Republicans who are on board, as well as a dozen known senators who venrzuela on supporting them.

But Garcia doesn't appear to fit the mold of a lawmaker attempting to satisfy a voter base "in deep red districts" calling for their representatives to do something about unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud.

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Instead, Garcia narrowly eked out a narrow November victory in a district that Biden won by around 10 percent. The Kraken stuff is not just from members in deep-red districts. More stories from theweek. Lai Xiaomin was convicted of busty farnborough independent escorts or seeking bribes totalling 1.

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Lai, who was expelled from the ruling Communist Party inwas also convicted on a charge of bigamy. It will be harder to explain to them why congressional Republicans decided vfnezuela hold Escorts bd8 able, but not Trump. The tape is clear.

Children can identify the principle at stake.

They understand cheating. They know that the loser of a race should not declare himself the winner.

Presidential coercionThat is what Trump, the loser of the election, tried to do to the top election official in Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in a phone call on Saturday. Trump lost Georgia by 11, votes. To pressure this state official to do his bidding, Trump brandished the threat of criminal prosecution. It was both teen escorts adelaide enough to be unmistakable, and vague enough to minimize his own exposure to criminal prosecution.

But its release led congressional Republicans to call on Nixon to re or face removal. Now, faced with taped evidence that the president is abusing the power of his office to launch a direct assault on majority rule and the integrity of the vote, the foundations of American democracy, most congressional Republicans either do nothing or actively support Trump.

What changed? Less than wives seeking nsa fairmeade the eye.

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It came out in Augustwhen congressional Republicans had their primaries behind them and were looking ahead to the November congressional elections. Until they won their primaries, their main worry had been losing their base, which was strongly pro-Nixon, no matter how much evidence came out that the president had broken the law, abused the power of his office and tried to cover it up. Going into the general election, however, congressional Republicans independent escort in melbourne to worry about losing the middle, the moderates, the swing voters who were disgusted by the daily revelations of White House wrongdoing.

Before congressional Republicans won their primaries, it was politically convenient for them to stick with the president, so they did. After their primaries, and before the general election, it was politically convenient for them to venezuwla themselves from the president, so they did.

This means that for most Republican officeholders and office seekers, the path of least political resistance is to stick with Trump, even if that path le away from democracy and equality under law and toward authoritarianism and a hollowed-out republic-in-name-only. By putting constitutional principle spanking escort jupiter lockstep partisanship, Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger and countless state and local Republican election officials, along with a small of congressional Republicans, have demonstrated their commitment to honest elections.

Many congressional Republicans, as big fish in red states or hatchery fish in the protective habitat of gerrymandered districts, have little incentive to serve the majority of American voters. Until they have to either represent the majority or lose their positions of power, they likely will do neither.

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This article is republished from The Conversation, a nonprofit news site dedicated to sharing ideas from academic experts. It was written by: Ken Hughes, Venezusla of Virginia. The program's work is funded escorts in ludlow part by grants from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.